Course Description

This course introduces various topics in music technology focusing on computer-based applications. The topics include the basics of musical tones, digital audio, sound visualization, sound synthesis, digital audio effect, algorithmic composition and audio-visual interaction. The practical part will be implemented mainly using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web audio API.

General Information

Instructor: Juhan Nam ( juhannam at )
TA: Jongpil Lee, Wonil Kim
Office hours: 2:30-3 pm, Mon/Wed (Juhan), 7-9 pm, Wed (TAs)
Lecture: Monday, Wednesday 1:00-2:30 PM
Room: N25, #3236 Laughlin Hall
TA Room: N25, #3321

Grading Policy

Mid-term: 20%
Assignments: 40%
Final Project: 40%

* Last year's course webpage is found at this link .


( This schedule is subject to change. )
Week Date Topics Textbook and References
1 Aug 28 Lecture: Course Overview [slides]
Aug 30 Practice: Introduction to HTML/CSS/Javascript and Web Audio API [slides] [code]
2 Sep 4 Lecture: Musical Acoustics [slides] MC: Chapter 1
Sep 6 Practice: More about Javascript and Audio Files [slides] [code]
3 Sep 11 Lecture: Musical Acoustics (Cont'd) MC: Chapter 1
Sep 13 Practice: More About Javascript and Audio Files (Cont'd)
Due Sep 24 Homework #1: Beatbox [link]
TA session (webpage and JavaScript by Jongpil): classroom, Sep 18 (Mon), 7-9 pm
TA session (sound recording by Wonil): MACLab sound studio (N25,#3115), Sep 19 (Tue), 7-9 pm
4 Sep 18 Lecture: Digital Audio [slides] MC: Chapter 2
Sep 20 Practice: Sound Visualization [slides] [code]
5 Sep 25 Lecture: Spectral Analysis [slides] MC: Chapter 3
Sep 27 Practice: More About Sound Visualization / Introduction to p5.js [code]
Due Oct 27 Homework #2: Music Visualizer [link]
6 Oct 2 / 4 No Class - Chuseok (Thanksgiving Holidays)
7 Oct 9 (Mon) No Class - National Holiday
Oct 11 Practice: 2D/3D Graphics, Interaction and Sound with p5.js
8 Oct 16 Midterm
9 Oct 23 / 25 No Class - ISMIR Conference
10 Oct 30 Lecture: Sound Synthesis (class starts at 12:30 pm) MC: Chapter 4
Nov 1 Practice: Moog Synth, TR-808 and DX7 (class starts at 12:30 pm)
Due Homework #3
11 Nov 6 Lecture: Digital Audio Effects / Musical Interface and Sequencer (class starts at 12:30 pm) MC: Chapter 5
Nov 8 Practice: Introduction to Tone.js
12 Nov 13 Lecture: Algorithmic Composition
Nov 15 Practice: Algorithmic Composition
13 Project Pitch
14 Case Studies
15 MAC Lab Research Introduction
16 Final Project Presentation


Computer Music Books

HTML/CSS/Javascript Tutorials

Web Audio

Sound and Music Data Repositories

Computer Music Media