Music and Audio Computing Lab

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Juhan Nam

Juhan Nam | 남주한

Dr. Nam is an assistant professor at KAIST and is leading the Music and Audio Computing (MAC) Lab. He is interested in various topics at the intersection of music, audio signal processing, machine learning and HCI.

Ph.D Students

Keunhyoung Kim

Keunhyoung Kim | 김근형

Musical Timbre Analysis, Deep Learning

Jangwon Lee

Jangwon Lee | 이장원

Musical HCI

Kyungsu Chun

Kyungsoo Chun | 천경수

Sound Synthesis

Kyungsu Chun

Saebyul Park | 박새별

Music Similarity, Human Evaluation

Dasaem Jeong

Dasaem Jeong | 정다샘

Musical Performance Analysis, Score Following, Music Visualization

Sangeun Keum

Sangeun Kum | 금상은

Audio Signal Processing, Music Information Retrieval, Melody Extraction

JongPil Lee

Jongpil Lee | 이종필

Music Information Retrieval, Deep Learning, Collaborative Filtering

Sangeon Yong

Sangeon Yong | 용상언

Audio Signal Processing, Musical HCI


Master Students

Seungsoon Park

Seungsoon Park | 박승순

Web Audio, Soundscape

Soonbeom Choi

Soonbeom Choi | 최순범

Audio Signal Processing, Sound Synthesis

Jiyoung Park

Jiyoung Park | 박지영

Audio Signal Processing, Music Information Retrieval

Taegyun Kwon

Taegyun Kwon | 권태균

Automatic Music Transcription, Score-to-Audio Alignment, Deep Learning

Wonil Kim

Wonil Kim | 김원일

Music Information Retrieval, Content-based Music Recommendation

Chaelin Park

Chaelin Park | 박채린

Music Information Retrieval

Jung Choi

Jung Choi| 최정

Automatic Music Composition, Music Information Retrieval



Seunghun Kim | 김승훈 [website] : PhD 2016 -> Samsung

Changheun Oh | 오창현 -> LG

Sangeun Kum | 금상은 : MS 2016 -> KAIST PhD

Jongpil Lee | 이종필 : MS 2017 -> KAIST PhD

Sangeon Yong | 용상언 : MS 2017 -> KAIST PhD

Taehyoung Kim | 김태형 : MS 2017

Hyungjoong Kim | 김형중 (co-supervision): MS 2017

Sohyeong Lee | 이소형 (co-supervision): MS 2016 -> Urbanplay

Sangwon Seo | 서상원 (co-supervision): MS 2015 -> ETRI

Undergrad Students (URP)

Kyungyun Lee | 이경연 (ID, KAIST) : 2017.1 - 2017.6

Daniel Suh | 서동우 (CS, KAIST) : 2017.1 - 2017.6

Sungho Lee | 이성호 (MathSci, KAIST) : 2015.1 - 2015.12


Guillaume Grannec (Cnam-Enjmin, France) : 2016.7 - 2106.8